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420K Growth and metabolic outcome in adolescents born preterm 27/01/2014

239K Early feeding of fortified breast milk and in-hospital-growth in very premature infants 27/01/2014

173K Nutritional management and follow up of infants and children with food allergy 27/01/2014

1.32M Late diagnosis of celiac disease in an asymptomatic infant with growth failure 27/01/2014

189K Corso di pHImpedenziometria Esofagea programma 25/01/2014

1.46M Neonatal Pneumology in Naples Programma 25/01/2014

33K Recapiti Banca del latte 22/10/2013

1.18M Esophageal atresia in newborns: a wide spectrum from the isolated forms to a full VACTERL phenotype 27/07/2013

1.35M Validating the weight gain of preterm infants between the reference growth curve of the fetus and th 27/07/2013

164K Hyperglycemia as a risk factor for the development of retinopathy of prematurity 27/07/2013

1.75M A systematic review and meta-analysis to revise the Fenton growth chart for preterm infants 26/07/2013

299K Symposium on infantule colic. Programma 19/07/2013

221K 2nd International Conference on Nutrition and Growth Timetable 19/07/2013


57K Programma Controversie in Gastroenterologia pediatrica 13/04/2013
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