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822K Neonatal Cholestasis: A Pandora's Box 30/01/2019

738K Infectious complications following probiotic ingestion: a potentially underestimated problem? A syst 30/01/2019

668K Determinants of breastfeeding discontinuation in an Italian cohort of mother-infant dyads in the fir 30/01/2019

1.20M Inequalities in infant mortality in Italy 30/01/2019

393K programma ESPGHAN nutrition summer school 29/01/2019

347K programma XIX update of neonatology 29/01/2019


63K Indice 09/11/2018

378K Coupon acquisto 09/11/2018

685K A Mixed Lipid Emulsion for Prevention of Parenteral Nutrition Associated Cholestasis in Extremely Lo 09/03/2018

1.49M Post-discharge body weight and neurodevelopmental outcomes among very low birth weight infants in Ta 09/03/2018

373K Human Neonatal Rotavirus Vaccine (RV3-BB) to Target Rotavirus from Birth 09/03/2018

1.79M Food triggers and inherited metabolic disorders: a challenge to the pediatrician 08/03/2018

374K Etiological heterogeneity and clinical variability in newborns with esophageal atresia. 08/03/2018

780K programma 74° Congresso Italiano di Pediatria 08/03/2018
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